Recruitment services for sales, marketing, sales executive and customer service careers

More than half of the job search and recruitment processes managed by us are related to various positions in corporate sales. Typical roles or combinations of roles for which qualified candidates are sought:

  • New customer acquisition and customer care
  • Key account management
  • Technical sales
  • International sales
  • Import and agency operations
  • Sales support and customer service

Additionally, we help our customers find professionals for product and service marketing as well as marketing planning positions. We also provide advanced recruitment services for executive and managerial positions in sales, marketing and business management. Recruitment is carried out by using conventional methods or head hunting.

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Service products

Empore Lite

Palvelu sisältää ilmoituksen Emporen hakukanavissa (,, Emporen LinkedIn, MOL) ja hakijatiedusteluihin vastaamisen hakuaikana, alkuarvioinnin ja hakemusten edelleen välityksen, sekä jälkihoidon ei valituille hakijoille. Tarvittaessa rekrytointiammattilaisemme laatii teille myös kiinnostavan työpaikkailmoituksen.

Rates (VAT 0%) starting from:

PRICING 495 € (alv 0%)

Lisäpalvelu: Työpaikkailmoituksen laadinta + 245 eur. alv 0%

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Empore Fast

Are you in a hurry to find qualified candidates? We understand the urgency and are ready to help. Searching for and identifying suitable candidates is daily bread for us – if necessary, we are able to propose potential candidates within 48 hours! We offer the quickest response time and the most active service attitude in the industry. Contact us

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Empore Optimal

Do you want to make efficient use of the networks of a competent partner, an advanced recruitment system and search channels but handle interviews and evaluation yourself? This is something we do every day – leave marketing, the time-consuming preparations and applicant communications to us so all you have to do is to focus on the essentials. The service includes video profiles of the candidates and preliminary assessments of suitable interviewees. Contact us

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Empore Full Service

Do you want to completely outsource the entire recruitment process? This will ensure a successful outcome – over the years, we have successfully completed over 1,500 recruitments receiving high marks for our performance. Full Service offers a comprehensive recruitment experience. You only meet short-listed candidates with the highest potential to make your selection from. Contact us

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Empore Pool

Are you planning to recruit top experts but the need is not acute? Empore Pool is our latest innovation in proactive recruitment services. On-going long-term cooperation offers an excellent way of preparing for future recruitment needs. You can also make use of the seasonal job search and customer care services that allow you to reach interesting passive job-seekers as well. We will market your company as an employer in the specified media referring potential candidates to new vacancies at your company. An unbeatable proactive service! Contact us

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Empore Consulting

Kaipaatko apua henkilöstösi oman rekrytointiosaamisen kehittämiseen? Vuosien kokemuksen omaavat rekrytointiammattilaisemme auttavat mielellään laadukkaan rekrytointiprosessin eri osa-alueisiin liittyen.

Valmennuksen moduulit:

  • Työnantajaimagon vahvistaminen: Laadukkaan ilmoituksen laadinta ja oikeat hakukanavat
  • Kandidaattien arviointi: Haastatteluvaiheen laadukas läpivienti
  • Haastattelurungon rakentaminen: Haastattelun pelikirja, sekä haastattelutilanteen simulointi
  • Mitä teen, jos en saa hakemuksia? Jatkotoimenpiteet ja Head Huntingin perusteet

Kysy tarjous rekrytointivalmennuksesta juuri sinun yrityksesi tarpeisiin!

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